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First leg of the journey for forty-strong Unilloyd fleet

Blue Marjan, the first of 20 state-of-the-art inland waterway barges to be run and managed by Unilloyd, arrived in the Netherlands two weeks ago. She is currently being outfitted by CCM3 and Concordia Damen prior to entering service in Autumn of this year.

The fleet of forty vessels, known as the Parsifal Tankers, will be chartered by Shell and operated by Unilloyd. The vessels measure 110 x 11.45 meters and feature low-emission LNG propulsion systems and extreme shallow draft capabilities. This will allow the vessels to operate in a broader range of water conditions. Onboard, modern crew accommodations and bridges offer a comfortable working environment.

The Parsifal Tankers represent a new generation of eco-conscious vessels that will play a significant role in the maritime energy transition. The fleet will primarily operate in the Rhine and ARA regions.

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