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A driving force in
inland ship management

Unilloyd provides innovative logistic solutions with a managed fleet featuring safe, modern, green, LNG-driven vessels and qualified personnel.

Steer your own course in one of Europe’s most modern fleets.

Unilloyd offers unparalleled career opportunities with flexible rotation schedules and top conditions. Are you ready to advance your career and join the new wave in inland shipping?

Powerful Partnership

Although Unilloyd is a young company it benefits greatly from the strengths of the VT Group, with their in-depth knowledge of crew management and sustainable maritime logistics solutions.

Shipment Streams

Unilloyd services major national and international customers and is specialized in the sustainable transportation of dangerous goods including clean minerals, alkylates, light chemicals and chemicals. Our modern fleet features many shallow-draft LNG vessels for operations throughout the entire ARA/Rhine network and beyond. Point-to-point depot transportation is also possible.

Crew Management

With the motto ‘Safety First’ we ensure that crews are always sufficiently rested prior to new assignments. We can provide crew at every level from Captain to Deck-hand – well-trained personnel on land and qualified, experienced personnel onboard.

No Spills or Incidents

Focus on Safety

Our crews and personnel are appropriately certified, and our environmental priorities are high. Our operations are based on TMSA safety guidelines. Our safety credentials are open for inspection.

Qualified to ADN Certification level.
No Spills, No Incidents work ethic.
Continuous training
on safety aspects.

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